I don’t write much poetry, but here is what little I have so far. Most of these aren’t very well-written as far as the “poem” part of things is concerned. They’re more loose, kind of like lyrics more so than poems. Again: I am NOT a poet.

“Gaming Poem”

I wrote this for a gaming website I’m a part of. It’s mostly just a light-hearted piece about growing up a gamer and the community surrounding it. It’s meant to be a bit silly.

Away From The Sunset (Walk These Shadows)

This is mostly about loneliness and looking for that connection with another person  to pull you through the darkness.  It’s meant to be more optimistic than it sounds.

Eternal Ink

A tongue-in-cheek take on the afterlife and how we live on through memories.

Working Class Machine

A piece about the world about the sterility of working in an office environment and how business is slowly turning  people into machines. It’s a cry out for people to loosing up a bit and not let their jobs become their lives.

A Ghost That Disappears

This was written about a friend we thought had committed suicide. A lot of people were concerned about her well being and asking me about it. I ended up writing this to show how people cared and were worried. They rhyming was suggested by someone else, so I gave it a try. All and all, it’s probably my most meaningful poem.

Nowhere Fast

A poem about the downfall of drug addicts and the pain they try to cover up with their habits.


This is about the exhilaration of a live show and the effect of music on you when you experience it in person.

Blood In Rain

A poem about the pressures of an abusive relationship, and the eventual vengeance of the abused.  I like the anger in this piece.

Bonfire Ring

This is about letting go of past mistakes and burning away bad memories. It’s a purification rite of sorts.

Stopping Heartbeats

This is the closest I can come to writing a love poem. It’s about the difficulties of letting someone love you and trying to find yourself worthy of that love.

The Part That Remains

This is all about picking yourself up off the ground, dusting yourself off, and freeing yourself of regret and feelings of inadequacy. It’s about getting over lost love and moving on with a new found strength. In other words: It’s a break-up poem!