The Third Identity


“Oh God… Oh God Oh God what the… what… why… what… what did… have… what did I do?! OH GOD! Get it off…”

The Man’s hands hurt from scrubbing. But no matter how hard he pushed the water into the skin, he just couldn’t seem to get the blood off. The worst thing? He had no idea who the man was who’s blood was currently running down his arms. No, that wasn’t the worst thing. The worst thing was waking up just as he was ripping the blade out of the man’s chest.

“I… I… I… I… who am I… what… why”

“Hey, kid.”

“Ah… what who… where… who said that… who who… who…”

“Relax. Listen kid, everything is going to be alright, you just need to calm down for a second and let me explain. Can you handle that?”

“Who are… where are you… why… I can’t…. I can’t see… see you…”

“Listen. This is going to sound strange. But my voice, it’s in your head. We’re in your head. You’re in our head.”

“Wh… what are… are you… you… talking… what?”

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ Chester, let me talk to the little pussy. Listen, mother fucker, we have a job to finish in there. That old fucker is still breathing, got it?”

“WHO the… the… who where… why…”

“Tactful and full of grace as always, Simon. Let me handle this. You never were good with talking to people. Kid, do you know who you are?”

“I.. I… no… no…”

“Exactly. We don’t know who you are either. We know who we are. We’ve been here. But you… you’re new. You don’t remember anything, right?”

“No… just… just… why would… what?”

“You’re an identity. In someone’s mind. One that… wasn’t here before. Listen, let me take over
for a second.”

The Man stopped scrubbing, he reached his wet hands up and brushed back his hair and glanced into the old, dirty mirror.

“Alright, that’s better. Let’s get our heart down a bit, shall we. Listen Kid, this guy… well, us I guess… we have what’s known as DID, or Disassociate Identity Disorder. Do you know what it means? If you think deep enough, you will know what it means. You know everything we know, you just need to learn to access that part of the brain. Can you do that?”

“DID… It… yes… yes I know… I know what it… why…”

“Relax. Calm down, see… breath in… breath out…”

The Man concentrated on his reflection, taking in gentle breathes and watching as his chest moved out and in slowly with the air. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“There we go. Don’t we feel better? Here’s the deal. You seem to have just awaken. For all these years, it’s just been us. I’m Chester. You met Simon.”

“Don’t fucking handle him like he’s some kind of fucking retard, Chester. Just slap some fuckin’ sense into him, so we can get back to what we’re doing! We have to finish that piece of shit out there before we get fucking caught! You’re supposed to be the smart one, fucker. You know we need to hurry this up!”

“Yes, Simon, I know. But it’s not going to do us any good if this new identity is freaking out on us. We need to get him to calm down, or we’ll fuck up physically. Don’t you get that? The only reason we can do this well, calculated, without screwing it up, is because we’re physically in control. If he freaks out, it could end badly.”

“What… what… what are you… why… why were you… you… stabbing… stabbing him… that man… who…”

“Come on now, relax. What we do is easy to understand once it’s explained. We are killing him. Do you understand that?”

“What… why… why… killing… killing… isn’t… its bad why… why would you…”

“Because that’s our FUCKING purpose, you pansy ass little shit! Cry baby mother fucker!”

“Simon, stop. You’re just going to get him all worked up. Listen Kid, what we do is important. That man sitting in the other room, he isn’t just some man. He’s a very bad man. Think, do you know what a pedophile is?”

“…he…he’s a pedophile…. that means… he… he… he does bad things… to… to children?”

“That’s right. He does awful, awful things to children. Three times, kid. Three times so far he’s molested children, and because of technicalities in the law, he’s back on the streets. And he will do it again, unless we step in. Do you understand that?”

“We’re a fucking angel of death! Sent from the Heavens, grasped in the hand of God Himself, to cleanse this planet!”

“That’s what he believes. I just do it on principle alone. I don’t need all that holy stuff to tell me what is right or wrong.”

“Hey fuck you, Chester, it’s not fucking holy stuff, it’s the Word of OUR FUCKING LORD!”

The Man suddenly shows signs of aggression, his face shifts into a mean, angry look as he begins to violently shout into the mirror.

“Don’t you FUCKING GET IT. We ARE Heaven sent. We are the Angel of Death. I am the original fucking identity, don’t you forget that. I’m the fucking original. You’re just a fucking after thought!”

“Alright, alright. I get it. No need to get upset. You’re going to scare the kid. Speaking of, we don’t even know your name yet, kid. We’ll have to give you one. How about… how about Walter?

“Wa…I’m… I’m Walter?”

“That’s it. You’re Walter. Nice to meet you Walter, I’m Chester. Welcome to our little group. Do you understand what it is we’re doing?”

“Yes… Yes… I… but… killing isn’t good… it’s… not up to us?”

“Fuck that, you pathetic little bitch! Chester, there is no use, let me take over and finish this fucking job, this little punk ass faggot fucker needs to get the fuck out of our heads!”

“Listen Walter, we have to finish this job. Ok? Can you hold on just a little longer? Go to sleep, you should be able to sleep if you concentrate really hard. Sometimes, during the really gruesome stuff, I do. I sleep. It’s alright to sleep. Simon will take care of the worst part. You can rest. Can you do that? Just… drift away from awhile. You’ll come back safe and sound and all this will be gone. Can you do that Walter?”

“I… I… sleep… yes, I’m… very tired…”

“Good. Go to sleep Walter. We’ll see you when it’s over.”


“That’s a good boy. Alright Simon, do what you have to, but make it quick. Who knows how long he’ll be asleep for.”

“We need to get rid of that little fucking bitch and you know it!”

“We can’t just get rid of him, no more than we can get rid of you or me. We’ll have to figure out why he’s awake. Why he’s here. There has to have been something that triggered him waking up. We’ll figure it out later. We have to take care of our current problem first. It’s all yours Simon.”

“That’s what I fuckin’ like to here. Wooo, where’s the fuckin’ chainsaw. Ah, here we go.”

The Man picks up a chainsaw off the bathroom counter nearby. He walks through the double doors, out of the bathroom and back into the open warehouse.

“Oh, Mr. Fuckin’ Diddles! It’s time for you to face your final judgment. May God have mercy on your pathetic piece of shit soul!”

The sound of the chainsaw echoes through the warehouse, followed by muffled screams and the sound of flesh and bone being chewed up. Then, the chainsaw slowly sinks to a stop. And then, complete silence.


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