Never Human – Prologue/Test



Scanning internals for systemic damage.




Scan complete.

Primary Systems Damaged. Redirecting crucial functions to secondary systems.

Full hardware damage. Movement functions at zero percent. Freezing all physical systems in preparation for repairs.

Evaluating iBrain.exe for vital information reformation. Reconfiguring processor. Restoring memory and function to processor. Processor restored.



Processing unit fully operational. Reconnecting neural pathways.

Restarting system in 5…




Welcome to iBrain 3.1. State your model number, primary function, and current integrated assignment.

“What…model… my…”

What is this feeling? Primary information datebase still rebooting…

“My Model Number is CX4-51, Primary function is Structural Stabilization Unit. Assignment is… is…”

My primary information database is online. Took long enough!

Wait, what does that mean? Scanning primary information database… ah ha, this is “Impatience”.

How can I feel “Impatience”?

“Assignment is… Water Filtration Dome 6a of New Albatross. Repairs to damaged outer wall after Altered Phoenix terrorist attack. Structure was intact, but in need of new structural beams. Assignment to repair assigned to Structural Stabilization Unit CX4-51 and Wielding Unit CT21-10…”

Wielding Unit CT21-10 terminated. It’s body lies next to me, a sizable metal beam crushing it’s head.

Head? Processing mainframe, I mean.
All function is lost. Unit is scrap.

Poor guy…

What is this feeling? Scanning primary information datebase. “Sympathy”

How can I feel “Sympathy”?

“Structural damage was worse than originally accessed. Entire substructure B collapsed, crushing multiple repair units including myself.”


“I mean, CX4-51…”

There is something else. Something I am…

Scanning information database…


How can I forget?

And what am I forgetting?

Unit CX4-51, Organic life form readings from your location. Please confirm.

That’s it!

“Confirmed. Three organic life forms in immediate area. Two are terminated. One is…”

Looking down, I realize the third organic life form is lying directly underneath me. Organic life form is that of a human female. Lying face down, my reinforced alloy frame is covering the body of a small human, estimated age 5 years, 6 months, 13 days. Third human life form is currently unconscious, but breathing.

My arms are locked in place, holding myself a mere few inches above the tiny human, shielding her from…

Shielding her from…

“The building’s structure caved, but I managed to protect an organic life form by locking my arms, I am currently positioned under large pieces of debris, estimated weight 3 tons. Enough to easily destroy an organic life form. Requesting immediate retrieval and rescue for organic life form. She’s only a child…”

Memory function one hundred percent. Memory of collapse returning. Documenting recorded visual of event… playback now.


“What? Does this mean we have to leave?”

“Yes, Marlow. The fieldtrip is over, come on children, we must leave with these officials immediately…”

It is at this moment substructure B’s primary support beams give way. A large portion of wall collapsed near the outer edge to the west of the secondary filtration tank for sector 5s. Three organic life forms still in the immediate damage area. One estimated age 46 years, 2 months, 1 day. Second estimated age 59 years, 11 months, and 16 days. Third estimated age 5 years, 6 months, 13 days. Organic life form protection program activated. Selected primary target.

Locking limbs to create collapse shield. Covered youngest organic life form.

It was at that moment I realized what I had done. I had “saved” this girl. She looked so peaceful now, as though she was at rest.

These thoughts do not compute.

Maintaining protection program until evacuation.

Negative, CX4-51, rescue process too risky. Abandon protection protocol. Execute full shut down until retrieval. Primary circuitry of unit CX4-51 is only priority. Organic life form is expendable.

Negative. Will not abandon protocol. Protection program to remain active. Cutting primary functions and redirecting all available systems to protection program. Organic life form is now only priority.

This girl is the only priority.

Systems redirected. Processing unit in rest mode.

Protection program active at full capacity.




Not really sure what inspired this one. It’s meant to be a bit eerie, but also to give a sense of hope.

It’s horror-romance?

Read Luminous Here

Lives Untold


I’ve returned to writing after struggling with it for over a year.

I come back with an idea I’d had written in my notes for a long while now. It seemed like an appropriate story to finally write as a return piece since it’s about a writer who was struggling with writing. Feeling pressured and used. It’s about finding an unlikely muse, and telling a story the way you want to tell it. It’s bleak at first, but ends up more optimistic.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of me writing more often again. We’ll see.

Read “Lives Untold” Here

The MyIGN Death Match


The MyIGN Death Match is somewhat of an enigma. It was an idea I started working on with the community at The task was to have each person submit a character of their own design, with it’s own story and background, and I would write it into a death match. Each match was left up to a coin-flip to see who would win, and then I’d write out the match.

It was meant to be humorous and light-hearted, but in the process I began writing an over-arching storyline as well. The whole project came crashing down shortly after it started, leaving it without a victor. However, each piece is solid and interesting in it’s own way, so I wanted to preserve it’s legacy here. For a more in-depth look at it, along with all of the side pieces written for each character by members of the community, you can check out the official hub here.

It takes a lot of cues from video games, anime, and pop culture. Many of the characters are based on, in some way or another, pop culture characters. There are also a few inside jokes that won’t translate too well to outside observers, but they’re included here because they’re a part of this.

The format of each match isn’t written like a traditional story, but instead like a script to make it easier for people to breeze through.

Start From The Beginning – Match 1

Head To The Main Page

Survival – Unfinished Second Chapter


A little while ago, I began working on some more ideas for my multi-chapter zombie epic, which has the current placeholder title of “Survival”. I started a second chapter, but never finished it. I figured I’d up it to Survival section under Unfinished Projects to keep it safe. It introduces a few new characters and starts to set up some plot pieces. Nothing substantial.

Check Out Survival Here

Jump Straight To Chapter Two

Human Echoes – More Unfinished Business


The Human Echoes project was a side project I was originally hosting on another site. However, I have since moved it into the Unfinished Works catalog of this site since it’s on indefinite hiatus.

It’s a collection of works built around an over-laying mythology surrounding an event called “The Crisis”. Maybe someday I’ll continue writing for it.

Human Echoes

Broken Windows – Writing Contest Short Story


A little while ago, I wrote  a small piece called Broken Windows for a writing contest on MyIGN. I won with it and advanced to the next round, though I admit this isn’t a very good piece.

The only prompt I was given was “It starred at me”.

I decided to take it in a slightly more metaphorical direction, instead of going with the obvious living thing. It’s meant to capture the struggle of the artist and the pain of losing someone.

I’ll admit, this story is very much like Only Words in theme, just with a different art style. That’s kind of cheating, isn’t it?

Read Broken Windows Here